28 04 2011

Wow, I hadn’t realized that people were still reading my blogs. It’s definitely a joy to be able to share my daily worries, struggles, training, etc. Lots of things to do as a Captain to such a great team! I’m excited and anxious as what’s to come. Nice roads on the first day and HILLS, those HILLS on the second. Oh my! But we are a strong group of riders and we will all defeat the hills. Stay tuned for pics of this year’s MS ride coming in the next few weeks.

Until then!! : ))


2011 is underway

12 01 2011

So, after a good time off the bike, I am ready to get back into this! I’ve been working feverishly to get sponsors for our team. I know that it’s almost getting too late to get artwork to jersey manufacturers and securing sponsors (and hence spots on the jerseys) which is making the time go even faster!

On a personal note, I was recently (well 3 mos ago) promoted to Product Manager at my company so that has proven to be quite a task. I had to give up one of my classes with 24Hr Fitness as a cycle instructor to deal with the added travel of my new role. Don’t worry – I’m still teaching Thursday evenings at 6:30 in Carrollton so come on by and ride with me!

Also, I have rewarded myself with my first carbon bike! Yes, after 4 years with the same Orange Motobecane Sprint, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and get a new one. I can’t wait for it to get here – hopefully sometime in February (just in time for some early spring rides!).

Anywho, I am looking forward to another great ride with Bike MS. In two weeks, we’re having a captain’s meeting, and already cannot wait to hear what the other teams are doing out there to get their crew motivated!!

Monday, Monday

4 10 2010

Well, it’s almost time to sign up again for the Bike MS Sam’s Club ride! Are you ready?! I know I am. : ) I’m also looking forward to the Awards Party tomorrow night at Union Station! I love to see the teams and enjoy the camaraderie that comes from joining forces to beat MS.

It’s been a crazy September and start to October. My birthday was this past Friday. I spent almost 19 hours on the road to visit with my family for less than 12 hours. It’s crazy but they are my family and it becomes clear every time we leave their house, why we must return the following month. My mom was in the hospital almost a full week. They couldn’t find out what was wrong with her. They finally released her with some medications in hopes of helping out with her medical problems. Now, even more than ever, I will make it a point to visit and stay with her as long as I can. Having lost my grandma in June helped me realize that I must make the most out of every minute I can spend with those I love. And I will.

Because of all the hectic-ness, I haven’t been on my bike since mid-September. That worries me. My cycling is my therapy for dealing with life’s stressful times. Because I haven’t been on my bike, I’ve been getting migraines more steadily, my insomnia is worsening, and it’s just hard to cope with all of that. I have a ride in less than 22 days and I am not so sure I’ll be ready for it. Because we have activities with the kids, I will not be able to ride again this weekend. Of course, I do have my 24Cycle classes, but they are truly not the same as actual bike riding. We’ll see. As a mother and wife, these things take precedence over cycling – especially in the off-season (as my husband puts it).

On a great note, registration opens up tomorrow. I realize I will have to give up my title as Nontraditional rider for the 2011 Bike MS ride. I truly enjoyed blogging for you and hope that some of my posts gave those of you out there with families and hectic work schedules a boost to get out and ride. After juggling schedules and arranging kids’ stuff and household duties, it all becomes worth it to feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. Yes, yes it does!

Well, then, what are you waiting for!? tomorrow, I will have my $15 registration fee and I will be at the awards party at Union Station to sign up for the 2011 Bike MS Sam’s Club Ride. The question is – WILL YOU?

See you there!

2011 BIKE MS Almost Here!!

27 09 2010

It’s been a crazy summer. I was hoping to have continued blogging regularly through it all but things/life/family all seem to take a hold over me and I don’t get any time for me. That’s ok because I enjoy the time I get to spend with everyone else. There just isn’t any time to be selfish! In five days, I’ll be turning another year older. I hate to think of the word “older” but my body seems to remind me each and every day (LOL). My hope for the coming year is to be faster, be more dedicated as a mother and as a wife, and excel in my new position as Marine Product Manager – YES, I was promoted last week!!! It will be a challenge but I face all of these with determination and dedication and I know I will persevere! I hadn’t thought about how much it could affect my cycle training or my team until last night. I realized that I hadn’t sent out our weekly team newsletter (YIKES!) but I will be doing that tonight – God willing…

I am excited to report that next week, registration for the 2011 Bike MS ride opens up starting Tuesday, October 5th!! While I have been busy closing out fundraising for the team for the 2010 Bike MS, riding and raising funds for the Tour De Cure (for the American Diabetes Association) this past July, and currently fundraising and training for the LIVESTRONG Challenge in Austin at the end of October, I am most excited about starting all the activities for the Bike MS. This ride is definitely near and dear to my heart. The recruiting will soon start and we’ll try and train through the winter months. Some of our team members are anxious to start while others will not be returning. Our team sponsor, The Bicycle Path, wants to try and grow the team again this year. Our other team sponsor, FloTec, is hoping to return for another year of sponsoring our team tent and all the food and beverages that come along with it at TMS. I already feel overwhelmed and we haven’t even started!! LOL!

I’ve also been asked to help with the startup of a new team for the coming year. It’s really more like a mentor and only assisting the team captains in terms of how to start the team up, what to do when, and general “new team” questions. I don’t mind helping them at all. I know it was difficult to start it up – all team captains have been there. And I’m glad to have people at the MS Society like Kelly and Justin to help us along as well. 🙂

Well, gotta get back to work. Remember – 2010 BIKE MS AWARDS CEREMONY – OCTOBER 5!! Hope to see you there!!

Tuesday tasks

17 08 2010

Whew. What a busy weekend we had!! Boy scout lock in on Friday through Saturday, baptism party on Saturday, cleaning house Saturday, buying parts for working on the truck. Sunday, it was a 40 mile bike ride, then off to work on my truck. We spent the afternoon changing the oil, replacing the rotors and brakes, and attempting to change the spark plugs.

We did most of it but the plugs were hard to get to (at least 8 of them were). Anywho, we’ll have to get another weekend free to go out and change those out. I’ve spent most of today driving around from doctor to doctor taking care of issues I have with my health. Also, I’m getting my daughter ready for braces so we spent about 2 hours at the dentist’s office getting teeth pulled. It hurt me to hear her screaming when they pulled them but I am happy to report that she is doing better now. : )

Tonight, I’m taking my husband to go mountain biking with me and the guys from The Bicycle Path. Normally, I teach my spin class on Tuesday evenings but with my health, I had to put some of them on hold until I am ready to go back. I’ve been given the ok, but since my classes already have subs, I cannot ask for them back so I’m taking this opportunity to try my skills at mountain biking. Wish me luck tonight. I hope the trees stay clear of me!! : )))

Busy Busy Busy

14 08 2010

Well, I was excited to spend this past Wednesday with people from the MS Society and with Walk MS participants. While I was the only one from the Bike MS club, I was happy to be surrounded by friends who all supported a common cause. We talked about training for our respective MS events and some who had MS talked about their concerns. It was great to get away from a typical meeting and instead just have some fun. Thanks to Justin, Kelly, and the others from the MS Society and to new friends like Dee. Hope we can all continue to stay in touch.

Today, I celebrate my 11th wedding anniversary. I’ve spent the day alone so far. The kiddos have a scout lock-in last night and so they are still there. I stayed home because I had a meeting last night and then a bike ride this morning. The meeting was successful and we’ve got a great group for “To Hell and Back”. However, I’ve been feeling a little sick. This morning, I couldn’t put myself through a ride this morning. I’ve been drinking lots of water today and so I hope I have the energy to ride tomorrow. I have to. We’ve got at least a 200 mile ride in 2 weeks. Wish me luck.

Tonight, we have a baptism party to attend and I hope that the family can go out together to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Tomorrow, I have the ride in the morning and then it’s off to Quinlan to work on my truck and car. I have to change brakes on my truck and possibly get into my 78 a little too. Either way, wish me luck! :))

Another crazy week and weekend

10 08 2010

Well, I was hoping to keep up with my blog like I said I would. But things have been really hectic lately (when aren’t they!?). My husband’s been doing a lot of travel. This week he is in Mexico. with two kids and getting ready for school, and Hotter than Hell, there hasn’t been much time for anything else, well except for work.

We had a great Tour de Cure!! Eleven members rode on July 24th with 4 of us riding 100 miles, 4 riding 100k, and 3 riding the 15 mile routes. Everyone had a great time. One member completed his first ever century! Another member completed her 2nd 100k and 2nd rally ever! We had a first time rally rider who was 8 years old who completed her 15 miles!! I was and am very proud of our team. There is nothing that can stand in our way to support such great causes!!

Part of the team is in the final preparation stage for To Hell and Back. What’s that you ask? Well, there are about 12 of us crazy members who think we can ride 300 miles in one weekend at the end of August in this Texas heat. We are attempting to ride 100 miles from Denton to Wichita Falls on Friday the 27th of Aug, then ride the 100 mile route at HH100 on the 28th, followed by a ride back to Denton for another 100 miles on the 29th. The ride will be fully supported with SAG and support from our very own team sponsors, The Bicycle Path. Our final logistics meeting is Wednesday of this week so hopefully, we’ll be all good to go after this weekend.

We’ve been training all summer long with The Bicycle Path on Sunday mornings. We’ve been a co-host to a Hotter Than Hell training program that ramps up the mileage and includes at least one rally a month to get ready for HHH. Last year, I had the opportunity to take tons of pictures. This year, our team has grown into a powerhouse of crazy fast riders. Needless to say, in hopes of hanging on to the end of the pack, I’ve opted to not lug around the camera. Even without the camera, it has been hard to hold on. But I am very proud of the team and I just keep telling myself – “they’re younger, they’re faster, and I just gotta stay with them!” : )

The kids have been keeping me busy too. Between summer visits with the grandparents and Boy Scouts and ushering at church, it has kept me on my toes. But there is nothing better than seeing my kids grow to be mature and thoughtful and mindful of others. We’ll be starting to get them to ride the local Monday night rides with The Bicycle Path hopefully starting next week. There are two other kids (both 5) who have already ridden with our Mon night group a couple of times. Before long, we’ll have a family friendly, easy paced ride for all to enjoy!

Well, gotta go. Tons to do!! Stay tuned!!

Oh! I finally did sign up for my first Livestrong Challenge in Austin at the end of October!! It consists of a run on a Saturday and a ride on a Sunday. I’m starting back on my Couch to 5k running program (because I don’t run) so stay tuned for some grapefruit stories (of my knee, that is!). : ))